Steering Wheel No Horn Button,New~!,Ivory ,Bug,Ghia,T-3


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Great quality part to finish that restoration project. Why
settle for cracked, faded,chipped steering wheel when you
can buy a NEW one today~! This is in Black color steering
wheel Kit,and also comes in Ivory color~!. This will fit
Bug’s from ‘ 63 – ‘ 71, Ghia’s from ‘ 64 – ‘ 71 and Type 3’s
from ‘ 66- 71. Get one today and get VW back on the road~!
The kit includes the steering wheel,the horn ring, contact
ring and the horn screw kit, all assembled ready to be installed.
These steering wheels are just not your ordinary steering wheels.
The center hub is made out of Zinc metal casting giving the entire
steering wheel more strength and durability. Does nto include the
canceling ring sold separately. The steering wheel grip handle area
is made out of steel completely welded on for more strength. Then the
whole steering wheel is injected of high density plastic providing longer
durability, strength, crack free longevity and the most important objective
is safety~! Even the horn ring is manufactured out of Zinc all welded together
as one piece with a high polish chrome, giving it durability. Includes a chrome
Wolfsburg logo horn button not those silver painted cheap looking ones being sold,
and all pre-assembled together ready to be installed your Bug, Ghia, or type 3.
These are the best Steering wheels in the market don’t be fooled getting cheaper
steering wheels, it’s your life.

Additional Information
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in