Felt Channel, 44″,Door Window, Bug ‘ 52 – ‘ 77, Soft Rubber back, Ea.


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quality part from Spain like OE.  This is felt channel is perfect felt and edges but the back the rubber is soft and not fully cured so little sift and this will not show when you install ona carit will be hidden for this reason we are selling this items so low price take advanage of it, regular price is $17.99 each.
This felt is 44″ (inches) long, will work either the left or right side and it will do the top and rear sides. Fits standard Bug ‘ 52 – ‘ 77, and Bus ‘ 68 – ‘ 79, with vent wing style, This is not used with one piece windows.

Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 50 × 3 in