Door Glass, Convertible, L or R, Bug ‘ 65 – ‘ 79


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Great quality part for any restoration project. This is
the side roll up door glass for either the left or the
right side on your Convertible Bug’s from ‘ 65 – ‘ 79.
Why get used, old, faded, and scratched glass when you
can buy DOT stamped and approved New glass. Pick on up
today. There will be foam injecting fee, what this does
is that it will guarantee the glass to come to your
doorstep in one piece. Weve found that shipping companies don’t
care about the “glass” stickers and they throw the box
around. You must choose to continue the foam boxing fee.
This is the only way to assure it will arrive in
one piece.

Additional Information
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 36 × 7 in