7 pc. Stainless Steel Body Molding Kit For ’68 – ’72 VW Bug


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A brand new set of stainless steel moldings for your ’68 – ’72 VW Bug is a great way to complete your restoration project.
  • Highly polished finish brightens up any classic VW Bug
  • Seven-piece kit gives you the moldings for all of the accent details on your Bug
  • Perfect way to replace those rusting and worn out moldings
  • Brand new production, no need to buy used
One of the features that made the VW Bug so enticing to so many people where those stylish, steel moldings that ran along the body and the hood of the car. Now you can capture that same fascination with a brand new set of stainless steel moldings from EIS Parts. Durable and attractive, you’ll find that these moldings fit easily on your classic VW Bug and enhance its looks. 
  • Fits Standard Sedan and convertible Bugs from ’68 – ’72
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Seven pieces including the hood molding
Additional Information
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 53 × 4 in